A Breath of Fresh Air

On Sunday, after being cooped up in the house for a few days with bad weather I decided that I had to get out in the open air for a while.  So I persuaded OH to brave the elements and take the kids out for a stroll.

We headed off in the car to the local lake Garadice which is actually in the next county and so we often forget about it but I felt it was the perfect length of a walk for pushing a 2yr old around in a buggy.  5yr old DD1 can’t handle too long of a walk either.

I was mad to get a chance to take some photos with my new toy so this was an ideal location.  It was picture perfect.  The lake was actually quite calm and there were a few fishermen sitting quietly along the shore waiting patiently to net a catch.  I’m sure they were only there for the sport though and returning anything they caught.

The walkway was strewn with the remnants of Autumn leaves and there were lots of muddy puddles for DD1 to jump in and do her impression of Peppa Pig! She was only 5 mins walking when she started asking when we were going to have the picnic.  She had spotted the picnic benches when we parked the car and convinced herself that we were going to be having one.  But to distract her from the disappointment we kept showing her the monstrous puddles and daring her that they would be too big for her to jump in.

I snapped some beautiful photos of the forest and of course of the girls all wrapped up in their rain gear.  We just walked around the pathway once and it was enough with the kids and the weather rapidly deteriorating.  The rain got to be a little too much for DD2 towards the end and she wasn’t too happy but once she got back in the car she was grand. So while the walk was only about 20 or 30 mins altogether I felt refreshed and my lungs felt cleaner from all the fresh air.  We had all worked up a nice appetite too and luckily I had left the dinner all prepared at home.  I just had to cook it and dish it up.

Beautiful view across Lake Garadice

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