The first harvest of the year

DSC_0244.JPGWell I’ve been pretty busy with my little allotment which I’ve taken in the last few weeks and I’m delighted to say I’ve had my first harvest!  It’s an exciting moment for me as I’m the least green fingered person on the planet but I love the idea of growing and eating my own food – if someone else would do the hard work for me!!!

So I got busy as a bee planting as soon as my allotment was available.  I bought ready to plant vegetables this year as it was a bit late in the season to start off from seeds and I had no patience to wait.  I did plant some seeds and am bringing them on for a late harvest.

My allotment is full of Brussels Sprouts, Brocolli, Cabbage, Peas, Pak Choi, Garlic, Onions, Butterhead Lettuce and Strawberries.  I have Cauliflower ready to go in when the Strawberries come out and I have a few different varieties of tomatoes growing in the communal greenhouse.  I think overall I have a good selection of vegetables though I will have to wait and see what I actually harvest…….don’t count your chickens and all that!

So lo and behold I visit this morning to find that my Pak Choi has taken off in the recent warm spell and gone to seed!  So I plucked it from the ground today and am having it with dinner this evening. Total of 0.5 food miles and farm to fork in a few hours.  I think the simplest, gentlest cooking is what this calls for and so I’ll just wilt it in a warm pan with a little melted butter, add salt and pepper to taste and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice.

So the cooking of the first harvest has to be a celebration therefore I’m going to serve my wilted pak choi with a lovely steak diane, accompanied by a mixed leaf and pea shoot salad dressed with classic French Vinaigrette and of course some boiled potatoes!!  Dinner isn’t dinner without potatoes……lol.DSC_0249.JPG

Keep an eye out for some simple recipes coming in the next few weeks – salad dressings, sauces to accompany meats and some basic recipes that every keen cook should have as part of their repertoire.

Irish Mammy



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